Hoss Xchange

Buy or sell a secondhand saddle!

Secondhand dealer licence number 4739059


We know how hard it can be to buy secondhand saddles, and that’s why Hoss Xchange has been created.  We sell on behalf of owners.

We offer a saddle fitting services within the South East Queensland and Northern Rivers NSW areas. You can message us to find out if we service your area and to find out our costs.

Some saddles that we have not fitted, come with a 7 day trial period so you can ensure that it fits your horse. You can return this item at no charge other than the postage if you are unhappy with it during this period at no cost if returned within the 7 days and in the same condition that you received it in.


Hoss Xchange can sell your secondhand saddle at a fair commission and will take the stress out of the sale.

We are currently accepting saddles that are of quality brands and in good condition. If you have any of these items that you would like us to sell on your behalf, then please complete the details below.

All saddles undergo a check and if they are of acceptable standard, but  we recommend that they undergo some work (be it new stitching or cleaning), we can provide a quote to undertake these works to make the saddle more saleable (and safe). You can decide whether your saddle can be sent out on trial or not.



Our fee structure for selling your saddle

The costs involved are:

  1. Currently free – Our initial intake and assessment fee. This includes assessing the saddle, cleaning and photographing it and uploading it onto our website.
  2. Our sales commission fee which is based on the end sale price of the saddle. We have an introductory fee and it is only payable if the saddle sells and includes us taking it out saddle fitting to give it the best chance to sell The fee is 15% for up to the first $2,000 of the sale price and 10% for any amount of that. Examples of the commission rate is below.
  3. At cost price – If relevant and as agreed by you, works to the saddle to make it more saleable.

Commission examples

Sale price achieved





Commission amount