Acavallo Piuma Featherlight Pad & Front Riser Eco Wool Char/brn

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The Acavallo Piuma Air-Release Featherlight Eva pad with front riser cut out eco-wool, combines the innovative technical properties of the EVA material with a rear riser and with an eco-wool half edge.

The EVA is a new featherlight thermoplastic material, offering horse and rider a really unique set of benefits, i.e. a low-profile but highly effective padding and protection of the horses back, low weight and bulk under the saddle, a sophisticated ventilation and air-supply system.

The special and innovative structure of these pads shows a multitude of little bulges with lateral holes permitting an intense, horizontally directed air circulation. Besides creating a shock-absorbing cushion effect every time they are compressed and released, the bulges generate a flow of refreshing air which keeps the back of the horse perfectly dry.

Acavallo eco-wool is able to absorb moisture quickly, preventing friction or chafing on the horse’s skin.

Please note that the pad is black but the wool is brown.

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