Cryochaps Absolute Ice Wrap Pair Pastern/Hocks/Knees


Cryochaps Absolute Ice Wrap Pastern Hocks Knees Pair

The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap horse leg cooling boots imitate ice bath therapy, also known as cold water immersion or cryotherapy. Athletes who are recovering from exercise commonly apply ice to their muscles. Additionally, it is a standard procedure when treating an injury. Our cooling horse leg wraps are designed to aid in post-injury rehabilitation and serve as part of your horse’s daily cool down regimen.

Absolute Wrap Cooling Boots Product Characteristics

One leg wrap is suitable for both the front and rear legs. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap fits knees, hocks, and pasterns. Both ice and compression are provided by our cooling boots.

Reusability:Defrost the leg wraps before laying them flat and placing them back in the freezer.

After use, Cryochaps are simple to wipe clean.

Easily Freeze: Simply lay the leg wraps flat in the freezer until the next use.Our cooling boots have a rapid cooling effect on the horse’s legs. Our horse leg wraps are designed to provide complete coverage of the hock, pastern, and knee.

Why Absolute Wrap Horse Leg Cooling Boots Are Necessary

Injury to the lower leg is a common occurrence in horses. It is common for horses to sustain injuries in the field or stable, as well as during training sessions or while out hacking. Domesticated horses have been bred to be more swift, agile, and flexible. In addition, they work much faster than their wild ancestors did. However, their limbs are not always capable of supporting 400 kilogrammes of bone and muscle on their legs. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is intended to assist in cooling the hocks, pasterns, and knees after exercise. They are intended to be performed as part of a daily cool down routine, with an emphasis on recovery and injury prevention. Cryochaps cooling boots are also ideal for providing ice and compression after an injury in order to aid in healing and reduce pain.

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