Equine Luxury Sensitive Skin Shampoo – 500ml

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EquineLuxury “Sensitive Skin” 100% Natural Horse Shampoo (Macadamia Enriched)

EquineLuxury “Sensitive Skin” 100% Natural Horse Shampoo does not contain any scent or essential oils. It is made for horses and pets with irritable and sensitive skin. By keeping the Natural Glycerin in the Shampoo, it is extra gentle and restores the coat by putting natural oils back into your animal’s coat. The most gentle natural Shampoo you will ever find!


– 100% Natural & Chemical Free
– Natural Healing Ingredients Only
– Actually Works Creating Great Results
– Tested on Horses by Equine Professionals
– Ideal for Sensitive Skin
– Low Irritation Formula
– Shampoos replace Coat Oils Simultaneously
– Removes Dirt, Dust & Flakes from the Coat
– May Deter or Reduce Pests on your Horse
– Safe for Human Hands
– Safe to use on your Puppies
– Benefits of Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil & Macadamia Oil
– 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This Shampoo is proudly Hand Made in Australia.

Our unique, handcrafted EquineLuxury “Sensitive Skin” 100% Natural Horse Shampoo is ideal for people who care about the health and well being of their animals, but also want great results and performance from the products they buy.

EquineLuxury “Sensitive Skin” 100% Natural Horse Shampoo is Macadamia Enriched: We have found a way to enrich our Shampoo with Aussie Macadamia Oil to provide additional health benefits to the skin and coat of your horse. At the same time as cleaning deeply, this Shampoo adds natural fatty acids (oils) back into the skin and coat simultaneously. This is important because many shampoo’s dry out the skin of your horse, exposing your animal to potential skin complications and issues arising from dry, cracked skin. EquineLuxury has created a solution to this new product. Our Shampoo also will not leave your horse’s coat oily or greasy. It will come up soft and shiny.

“Sensitive Skin” 100% Natural Horse Shampoo creates the appearance of health and shine immediately after washing.

We are proud to say that this product is absolutely FREE from chemicals.



    1. Pre-wet the coat of your horse thoroughly to remove loose dirt and sweat
    2. After shaking well, apply “Healthy Coat” Shampoo directly onto the coat of your horse
    3. Work it into the coat, mane and tail, massage into a rich lather.
    4. Rinse the foam out with clean water
    5. For best results use EquineLuxury “Shiny Coat” Conditioner  afterwards

PS.: EquineLuxury Shampoos are made from the highest quality, all-natural botanical ingredients and are formulated to exceed Equine and Human Hair Care industry standards. Our range of specialised boutique products perform better than most high-end Salon Hair Care brands and produce amazing results.

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