Hydro Cool Bandages – Pair


• Hydro-Cool bandages are a revolutionary horse & human bandage utilising cold therapy for preventing and treating injury, by dissipating heat from tendons and joints.
• Cold therapy is most effective during the first 48 hours of an injury or inflammation and if correctly used, can help improve a range of muscle, joint, and soft tissue injuries.
• The use of cold therapy after a hard workout may also help a horse with chronic conditions such as weak tendons and ligaments from a past injury.
• The cooling effect increases blood circulation, reduces swelling, relieves pain, and accelerates the healing process.
• Made from a special material comprising of polyvinyl acetate, starch and bamboo, these unique bandages enable the cooling process to last for a few hours.
• Easy to carry in your first aid kit, and can be used anywhere anytime.Sold as a pair.

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