Judges Choice Sock Whitening Powder

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Show White Sock Whitening Powder
Judges Choice Show White is a brilliant white, non-sticky, non-greasy whitener for socks. It can also be mixed into a paste to produce extremely white socks or can be brushed onto the sock the morning of the show for a natural look. This product can also be used as a final rinse to whiten the body, mane and tail.
Directions for Use:
• For brilliant white socks, use 4 scoops to ¼ cup of water to make a paste, use a paint brush or cloth to paint the sock. It can be applied the night before, wrap legs in bandages while still wet and remove morning of show. On removing bandages, excess product should be brushed off.
• To use as a rinse, use a handful of Sock Whitener in a 5ltr bucket of warm water and rinse the body after shampooing, do not wash off.
• For a more natural look brush over socks with a body brush the morning of the show.
• To remove last minute stains, apply to a damp cloth and dab on affected area.

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