Stubben Euphoria Dressage Saddle – Brown 17″ XW

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The Euphoria Dressage Saddle is the result of extensive consultation and testing with leading riders in the Dressage world.

Made with our famous ‘Spring Tree’ design which is created to flex and move with your horses back whilst also protecting the wither and the rest of the spine.

The extra deep seat incorporating the new “Free Move” technology, is combined with our patented NT spring tree. The Dressage Saddle narrow twist, which is particularly appreciated by female riders, make for an extremely comfortable seat and close contact with your inner thigh. Also featuring a high cantle for extra security.

The new “Maxi Fit” wool pad provides for a large contact area on the horses back whilst at the same time providing excellent clearance for the horse’s spine. In the area of the shoulder muscles, the pad is cut back, thereby allowing optimal movement and length of stride. The special V billets with velcro adjust where your billet holes will fall to allow for your horses girth grip ideal distribution of pressure when the saddle is girthed. The sweat flap underneath has a slip allowing for a very close contact feel with your horses side.

Good leg position is ensured by the high anatomical pommel and the knee rolls which are padded in super soft leather. The stirrup leather loops are discretely set with black or clear Swarovski crystals which give the Euphoria it’s particularly elegant appearance.

Gusset panel
Long billets
Panel in matching tone
Deep seat
Special soft seat
Short pad
Device for fourth billets
NT Tree (flat seat, square cantle, narrow twist, long tree points)
Blue saddle cover

De Luxe Leather
High quality, premium de luxe leather.

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