Stubben Phoenix Elite Jump Saddle – Special Order Only

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17″ Black 31cm gullet

Made with Stubben’s famous ‘Spring Tree’ design which is created to flex and move with your horses back whilst also protecting the wither and the rest of the spine.

A slightly wider seating area, a narrow seat twist and exclusive comfort seat foam, our newly designed seat gives exceptional comfort for the rider without disturbing the close contact with the horse.

Wool flocked saddle panel allows optimum adjustment to the panel that can give a perfect fit at any time, providing perfect comfort for the horse.

Stubben’s tactile and grippy leather ensures a secure fit in the saddle. A wear strip fashioned in the lower area of the saddle flap protects against premature wear from the riders boots.

  • Inclusive/Features:
    De Luxe Leather
    Gusset Panel
    Special Doubled Saddle Leather
    Square Cantle
    Flat Seat
    Knee Rolls
    Thigh Rolls
    Reinforcement Strip
    Short billets
    Blue Saddle cover

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