Stubben Streamline Saddle Pad Dressage

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With this high-tech Saddle Pad, we are setting new standards.

The anatomically shaped Streamline saddle pad dressage has a robust Velcro strip on the top line in the loin area of the saddle pad in conjunction with the saddle component helps to ensure that the product remains chambered while riding and does not pull on the withers or into the horse’s loin area. The sensitive area around the spine is thus protected.
The thin profile of the entire saddle pad also contributes to this effect, supports a stable connection to the saddle and prevents slipping and thus friction.

The Steamline saddle pad is equipped with a super-soft velour border, a fashionable piping band, reinforced girth and swirl channel zone as well as adjustable press stud fastenings on the breastplate drop rings.

3Spine Velcro Saddle Component
(Patent pending technology)

The Streamline saddle pad collection with the trademarked 3Spine system technology guarantees the horse significantly more freedom of movement and comfort under the saddle than conventional saddle pads. Thanks to the innovative and easy-to-use system, the anatomically shaped saddle pads can be attached to the saddle in just a few steps. The Streamline collection includes a total of six saddle pads and a lambskin half pad. The lambskin saddle pads not only feature the 3Spine system, but also come with all the luxurious benefits of a traditional lambskin saddle pad.


TPV Semi-Flexbible plastic saddle component. Precision engineered in the UK.

Easily inserts in the underside gullet of most saddles in the cavity between the tree and seat. Raised extrusions on the locating arms position and hold into place with loop velcro positioned centrally and as near to the rear of the saddle as possible.

Dual function and easy to cut to size the component has two separate patterns making the part compliant with narrow and wide gullet saddles, close contact, gp and dressage styles.

Once inserted to part can be permanently left in position ready to receive the corresponding velcro attachment on the 3Spine Carbon Fibre spine achieving the innovative pressure free results.


Please Note
This listing is for the saddle pad only. The 3Spine Velcro Saddle Component is sold separately.
For the white, to prevent stains and to achieve an optimal washing result, we used a poly cotton encased in the white scrapers instead of the velour.

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