Wild Horse Eye Protectors for Rug Hoods


Wild Horse s et of 2 Black Nylon Mesh Eye Protectors for WILD Horse Rugs with attached hood. Can be sewn to our Rug/Hoods for the extra protection some horses need around their eyes.
See sewing instructions below.


  1. Lay hood of horse rug flat.
  2. Place Eye Protector on top of eye hole and position evenly.
  3. Eye Protector will be larger than eye hole of Rug/Hood.
  4. Pin Eye Protector black edge trim in position and sew around edge.
  5. There will be excess fabric around the eye of the Hood but leave as original, no need to trim. Hood will sit as it did before around the eye area and eyes are secured outside of this.
  6. This way no rubbing will occur and only fabric will touch your horse’s face, as intended.
  7. Repeat instructions for other eye.

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