Wild Horse Fly Veil – FV21 Super Secure


Super Secure Black Nylon Mesh Fly Veil with one security step up from our famous standard fly veils. Patented 3 Dart design with high airflow and 70% better visibility. Recommended by vets for eye health.

UV Nose Protectors are available to self-sew onto any of our Fly Veil

  • One security step up from our famous patented 3 Dart Design Fly Veils
  • Extra-wide top strap for a super secure fit
  • Under chin strap with elastic for comfort
  • For horses that are extra cheeky but still need the best!
  • 3 Dart design allows for full eye clearance, helps prevent collapse on eyes and damage to eyesight.
  • Unique Nylon Mesh does not absorb the heat from the sun or burn your horse’s face
  • Unique Black Nylon Mesh with 70% better visibility
  • Fleece at all contact points for comfort
  • Triple lock Velcro under jaw for security
  • Elastic under jaw for movability
  • UV70%

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Pony, Cob, Full, X Full