Wild Horse Fly Veil – FV3 with Rip Stop Nose


Fly Veil with Insect Control treated ripstop fabric nose. Patented 3 Dart design with high airflow and 70% better visibility. Recommended by vets for eye health. Great for a pink or white nose.

We have used a unique patented process that tightly bonds insect protection deep into the fabric fibres of the nose pieces on our Fly Veils.
The treatment in our product is EPA approved and after 25 detergent washes and 6 months of weather exposure, tests show there is still approximately 92% of treatment still in the fabric. Products can remain effective for 2 – 3 years.
  • Ripstop nose fabric is embedded with Wild Horse’s unique Insect Control treatment
  • New triple darts designed to prevent collapse on eyes.
  • The veils utilise a new nylon mesh with 70% better visibility offers perfect clear vision protection around the eye area.
  • Keeps eye area clear as recommended by Vets.
  • Black colour to prevent damage to eye sight.
  • Fleece edging to prevent rubbing.
  • Elastic under chin to allow for movement & comfort.
  • Triple lock Velcro fastening for added security.
  • 70% UV Rating

Connectable to Wild Horse combo rugs

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Pony, Cob, Full, X Full